Saturday, January 1, 2011

Writing and Creativity

Hey everyone! It's been a while, but I am back with a new and exciting post!

Yes, you read that right. It is, indeed, an exciting post.

Because writing is today's topic. And yet writing is such a vague and broad topic. Writing could involve a school essay, a set of directions, or an entire novel. Yet, no matter what you are writing, it is plainly evident that writing is one of the great outlets of creativity. Because regardless of what you are writing, whether it is that school essay, the directions for your visiting relatives, or your newest paranormal novel, your creativity is shining.

And I can bet that some people are probably asking how writing a school essay can be creative.

Everyone has a different spin on the objective of the essay. A teacher would easily say, "Write me a seven page essay on how the theme of the novel is the strength of friendship." The foundation of all the essays would be the same, yes, but each person would take their own individual form of creativity to draw in different characters and find different connections and evidence of how they display that theme of the strength of friendship. Couple that with your individual writing style, and your essay is suddenly a creative masterpiece, unique from all of the other essays turned in on the topic.

Directions. How can writing a simple set of directions be creative?

Well, imagine your relatives have arrived from out of town, just in time to visit you for the holidays. And they need to get to the mall across town and, even though you've lived in the city for years, you still can't remember the street names. That's when your creativity begins to shine because you have to get creative on how to get those relatives to the mall in one piece. And, preferably, in around thirty minutes and not in thirty days. So instead of saying go two blocks, then make a left, go another six blocks, make a right and then a left... Anyway. Instead of saying all that, you tell them to drive until they reach the giant tree that always has red flowers hanging on it and then they turn left. Keep driving until you find a corner with two bus stops and make a right. Well, you get the picture.

I suppose that can also be credited to being detailed, but you have to be creative to find a way for them to get there that's outside of the routine street names. And thinking of landmarks can end up being very creative.

And finally, writing a novel. Writing a novel is such a great release for creativity, and when you tell a person you wrote a story, people will say that you are creative. Because you are using your creativity to make a whole new world for a countless number of people to read. And you don't have to write a novel to do that. Any length of story can draw a person into that world, if even for a few minutes, and all because of your own creativity.

So the moral of this story is that everyone is creative. Everyone can write because writing can create itself in many different forms as odd as that may sound.

Pick up a pen and write! It frees your creativity to grow wings and fly.

~~Alyssa Montgomery