Friday, February 13, 2009

Connor interviews Guy and friends!

So, I suppose we should introduce ourselves, huh, Guy? I’m Connor Rydell. That’s about it.

Guy: Yeah, I’m Guy, and I’m a guy, too. I invited Knob and Thurman, okay?
Thurman: We’d bring one of the lady warriors, but (shrug), they’re off doing warrior stuff or something right now.
Knob: Besides, they keep us from saying stuff.
Thurman: And they make us put the toilet seats down.

Okay, Guy. Just so you know, I’m a ladies’ man. Girls find me irresistible. And yet I still haven’t found ‘the one’, man. You know what I’m talking about, right? Have you found ‘the one’, yet?

Knob laughs: Yeah, if I was a chick, I’d probably dig ya.
Guy: Maybe it’s a good thing you aren’t female then.
Knob: That’s right, I’m an elf.
Guy: You are not.
Thurman: You should answer the dude, Guy.
Guy sighs: Okay, fine. Right now we’re more into what we like to call, ‘coed surveillance.’
Knob: We survey them every chance we get.
Thurman: Except me, I have a girl.
Knob laughs: A girl warrior. Thurman wouldn’t cheat on her.
Guy chuckles: Couldn’t cheat on her, she’d kill him.

You’re also older than me, Guy. I mean, college? Man, I can’t wait for college! Girls, freedom! I can wait for what happens after college, though. Man, I’m gonna be spending all this money on college, and I have no idea what I want to do. Parker has his life all planned, but me? No way. You must have it planned out, though. What are you gonna do after college, Guy?

Guy: I dunno. I mean we’re not exactly racing through college.
Knob: I’m in my third year of Sophomore.
Guy: Later we might get into doing Quests for a living. There are always evil doers that need to be dealt with.
Knob: Yeah, we do Quests for a hobby now. That’s why we have a sorcerer, an elf, a warrior and an unbeliever …
Guy: We aren’t really those things.
Thurman: Yeah, we are.
Knob (continuing): … movie rights, sequels, special effects …
Thurman: Anyway, we’ll go after horrible creatures like Big Oil, Dick Cheney, people who charge too much for a gallon of milk…
Knob: .. and people who won’t flush the john, or who throw cigarette butts on the ground …
Guy: Yeah, we have a pretty much full time occupation ahead of us.
Knob: But we’ll stick around the campus as long as possible.

So, Thurman? You two seem like you’re tight. Probably like Parker, Cal, and me. And you guys met in college, right man? College sounds so crazy, so you guys probably have some crazy stories. Am I right?

Thurman: Well, being a sorcerer and all …
Guy interrupts: You aren’t a sorcerer
Thurman waves his wand (a Sears Craftsman hammer), and a piece of duct tape appears over Guy’s mouth.
Knob: Hah, try to disbelieve that one, Guy!
Guy: Mffgh
Thurman: I think Guy will have to skip this question. Read the books if you want to hear some wild stuff.
Knob: The Adventures of Knob, The Next Adventures of Knob, The Real Hot Adventures of Knob, The MisAdventures of Knob…
Guy’s tape bursts: Not Knob, The Adventures of GUY! The Adventures of GUY!
Thurman: I dunno, The Adventures of Thurman has a ring to it.

One last thing, Guy. I know what you’re like now, man, but what were you like when you were little?

Knob snorts: Mean and contrary I’ll bet.
Guy: Shut up!
Thurman: I think that’s what “guy” means.
Guy: You shut up, too!
Knob: I dunno, we’re guys, too, and we’re not mean.
Guy: Shut up!
Thurman: I need a beer. Hey, let’s go check out .

Connor Rydell, written by Alyssa Montgomery, can be found in the story Where Are You? and in the anthology The Heat of the Moment from Echelon Press. Guy, Thruman, and Knob, written by Norm Cowie, can also be found in anthology The Heat of the Moment and the newly released anthology Missing from Echelon Press.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Interviews Galore!!

Connor, one of my characters from 9:53 PM (The Heat of the Moment Anthology) and Where Are You?,has been interviewed by Gus - a character from Mary Cunningham's Cynthia's Attic series. You can read the interview now at

On another note, I also had the honor of being interviewed by J.R. Turner - author of DFF: Dead Friends Forever (also available now from The interview can be read at:

Thanks for stopping by!

Alyssa Montgomery

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Interview with Pam Ripling/Anne Carter!!

Posted below is an exciting interview with Pam Ripling/Anne Carter!! Enjoy!

How did you get into writing?
In 7th grade, I took a Creative Writing class as an elective. My teacher, Mrs. Murray, was very inspiring. We learned to craft short stories, did lots of reading, etc.

How long have you been an author?
I was first published as a short story author in THEMA Literary Journal, for my story "Eureka". That was in 1997, I believe. My first full-length fiction publication was IN TOO DEEP, in 1999.

What is your proudest achievement in writing?
Just being published is huge. Twice, my work has been read by producers for screenplay potential. That was exciting. One of my favorite works is "When Harry Met Soli", surprising because this little story gets very little attention (and you can buy it here:

How many books do you currently have published and what are they about? Where can they be purchased?
As Anne Carter: (hot links take to buy page)
IN TOO DEEP; Wings ePress; 3rd chance at love for a young mother; hockey player boyfriend can't believe it when her past life suddenly starts haunting them.
STARCROSSED HEARTS; Wings ePress; Hollywood love triangle with world travel, kidnapping, whodunit, lots of romance!
A HERO'S PROMISE; Wings ePress; Characters from STARCROSSED HEARTS return to vie for heroine's heart - only murder gets in the way!
POINT SURRENDER; Echelon Press; Romantic mystery takes place in a haunted lighthouse on the California coast!
WHEN HARRY MET SOLI; Echelon Press; What happens when a young boy thinks he's the real Harry Potter? (eBook only)
STARFIRE; Echelon Press; Conservative L.A. CPA meets and begins an affair with the movie star man of her dreams...but is it the right thing to do? (eBook only)

eBook versions of all of these books are available at Fictionwise.

As Pam Ripling:
LOCKER SHOCK! Echelon Press; What did Ben find in his school locker? Something deadly, to be sure! Middle grade mystery
eBook available at Fictionwise.

Is there any advice you would like to give to aspiring authors?
Perseverance. If you give up easily, you probably weren't meant to be a writer. And, to be a writer doesn't mean you have to be published. There is nothing wrong with just writing for yourself. Ask yourself what you true goals are and work toward that end.