Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And It's Out!

It's now official - Mysterious No More is now availabe from Echelon Press! It's for sale for $1.50!

Cara now has her Mr. Mysterious, but is he really as mysterious as his old nickname implied?

It's over between Cara and Mitchell. She's seen him out with another girl after he cancelled their plans to supposedly be with his family. Now Cara is left with no boyfriend, a dress, and no date to the Homecoming Dance.

Meanwhile, Allison seems to have her own agenda for the night of Homecoming. Does Cara really want to be a third wheel for the night?

Mysterious No More is the sequel to Mr. Mysterious.


~~Alyssa Montgomery

1 comment:

Anne Carter said...

Wow!!! Wow!
Congratulations! I love the cover, love the premise, can't wait to read it! Oh. Wait. I did read it.

And it was GREAT! :)