Monday, September 21, 2009

Echelon Shorts

Hey everyone! Just wanted to take a quick second to remind everyone to jump on over to the new Echelon Shorts blog! It's for Echelon Press' new line that deals with short story EBooks and various authors from the line blog there! How great is that?

If you head on over there right now, you can find my own blog! I not only talk about my new release Mysterious No More, but I also give a quick blurb for my upcoming release, Michael Springer!

Update on Michael Springer:

I have just learned that Michael Springer will be released by Echelon Press Shorts in October! That's right everyone! October! So those of you waiting anxiously for the story to come out, you won't have to wait much longer! It will soon be available for purchase! (Cue applause)

I'll let you all know when I hear more about Michael Springer. Talk to you soon!

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