Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Coming Soon!

I'd like to take this week's Writer's Wednesday to talk about Echelon Press' new holiday 12 days of great reads!

What Echelon Press' new line - Echelon Press Shorts - have done is they have taken holiday-themed stories from twelve authors and have compiled them into their 12 days of Christmas promotion. Each day, from December 1-12, Echelon Press Shorts will be releasing a new story written specifically for the holidays. And what greater way to give someone a small gift then by giving them an EBook from Shorts!

If you check out their blog each of these twelve days, you can read a post by each author, all about his or her short story, on the day of the story's release. How cool is that??

On another note, Writer's Wednesday will be back next week! I have two great authors scheduled for the next two Wednesdays - Pam Ripling will be making an appearance on December 9th, and Mary Cunningham will be stopping by on the 16th while on her book tour for the release of her newest Cynthia's Attic book - The Magician's Castle.

So make sure you keep tuned in!

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