Monday, April 13, 2009

Melanie's Monday

Hey everybody! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Melanie Ryder, and I'm one of the characters in Alyssa Montgomery's stories, Where Are You? and 9:53 P.M. (from the Heat of the Moment Anthology). I'm going to be blogging on Alyssa's site every Monday with new and exciting stories to share! If you caught me on the Teen-Seen last Tuesday, then you heard the great new that

Cal asked me to prom!

And I would have to tell you that that was the most exciting news in the world! Okay, so we've been dating each other for a while now, and I pretty much knew that we'd be going together, but it was the way he asked me that was amazing!

So he drove me home from school, as usual, but instead of coming inside like he normally does, he dropped me off and said that he had something to take care of and that he'd be back later. So he leaves, and I go inside the house and up the stairs to my bedroom. And sitting on my bed was a single red rose with a note attached to it. So I opened the note and inside was written, Come outside.

I knew Cal's writing from anywhere, so I ran down the stairs, wondering what he was up to. And when I opened the front door, he was standing there with a bouquet of a dozen roses, and he handed them to me, and asked me if I would give him the honor of allowing him to take me to prom!

And of course I said yes. I would have gone with him in a heartbeat even if he had just mentioned it casually in the car. But that's the great thing about Cal - he's such a romantic! Even if some of the things he does are completely cheesy and cliched, he puts so much thought and love into it that my heart just swells at it. Literally. And I can feel a giant smile come on my face.

Now that I have finished raving about Cal, where was I?

Yes, prom. So I can now safely say that I am more than excited about the dance. I don't think I can wait a month for it to come. All I can say is that Kassie and I need to start hitting the dress stores.

Melanie Ryder can be found in Alyssa Montgomery's short stories, Where Are You? and 9:53 PM (from the Heat of the Moment Anthology).

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Pam Ripling said...

Oh, Melanie! I'm so excited that Cal finally officially asked you to prom! I can't wait to see your dress. What color will you pick? I was thinking maybe something in sparkly silver... and Cal could wear a silvery bowtie and vest, or maybe a cummerbund... *sigh*

But maybe midnight blue would be nice. I wish I was going... but Ben will never get around to asking me.

Your friend,
(from LOCKER SHOCK! by Pam Ripling)

ps - don't forget to post a pic of your dress!