Monday, July 27, 2009

Melanie's Monday - The New School Year!

Hey guys, it's Melanie!

Even though there are still a few weeks left of summer vacation, it's already almost time to start school! Can you believe it? It seems like yesterday that the school year was ending, and we were all getting ready to watch Cal graduate. Time sure does fly in the summer!

I love summer. (There's no doubt about that.) Getting to go to BBQs, going swimming, going on road trips with your friends... Even with all that stuff going on in the summer, I'm still actually looking forward to going back to school. Reuniting with friends, meeting new people, hopefully getting some awesome classes. And this year I'll be a junior in high school. That's going to be pretty awesome!

Cal's obviously not going to be there, so that's a major bummer. But, like I've said in other blogs, at least he'll be going to the community college, so he'll be close by and not what seems like a million miles away. But at least Kassie will still be at school.

So now, even though summer is my favorite season, I am anxiously waiting to get my school schedule and find out what classes and teachers I got and start to find out who's in my classes. (Hopefully Kassie will be in my classes!) And hopefully this year will be more amazing than last! (And I must say that last year was pretty amazing!)

What about you guys? Love summer? Hate summer? Those of you in school, looking forward to it?

Now I'm going to go soak up the last of my summer vacation! Not going to let a minute go to waste!

Melanie Ryder is a character that can be found in Alyssa Montgomery's short stories, Where Are You? and 9:53 P.M. (from the Heat of the Moment Anthology).

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