Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Melanie's Monday (or Tuesday) - Road Trip!

Hey everyone, it's Melanie! Sorry about the delay, but as I said, I didn't bring a laptop with me on this trip! So I'm making a quick stop at an internet cafe to write this blog while everyone else grabs something to eat!

So I have to say that so far, this road trip has been...


We've had the best time! We spent a couple days camping in the mountains (where I gladly did not freeze my butt off because I had packed all those warm clothes), where we laughed as Paul and Cal struggled to pop open his tent. Since Kassie and I managed to pop ours open pretty easily, it's kind of difficult to understand why they had such a hard time at setting up that tent. (But it's okay because it provided us with some good entertainment. Ha)

But as for all the rest of the stories, there simply is not time right now. But you all are going to hear all about it next Monday after I've come home!

So until then!

Melanie Ryder is a character that can be found in Alyssa Montgomery's short stories, Where Are You? and 9:53 P.M. (from the Heat of the Moment Anthology).

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