Friday, March 13, 2009

Death Match by Sam Morton

Death Match by Sam Morton

From Quake:

Kevin McKenzie is 14 years old, captain of the Stroudmore Middle School wrestling team, and an enthusiastic fan of professional television wrestling. He's also dying of cancer. He endures chemo and radiation and he struggles with the pain his condition inflicts on his family.

Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation ™, Kevin's teammates arrange a special surprise, but will it happen in time to save his dwindling spirit before the cancer takes its toll? Kevin accepts his fate, but his teammates, his family, and his hero cannot. Can their hopes, aspirations, and prayers change his fate in the face of a devastating disease?

When I read this story, my heart immediately went out to Kevin, and I took a quick liking to all of Morton's characters. His description of the unwavering friendship between Kevin and his teammates is heart-warming while Ric's support of Kevin is worthy of a smile to the face.

While this story deals with cancer, it also revolves around a strong feeling of hope - hope for Kevin to triumph in his battle with cancer. He writes about a difficult subject, but writes about it in such a way that hope seems to simply radiate from the pages - an inspirational story.

And, lastly, I have to comment that this story was definitely worth the time invested in it to read.

Alyssa Montgomery


Pam Ripling said...

Sounds like a great story, albeit a tough subject. Interesting that you picked this story right now, as we gear up for Relay For Life!

Kudos to Sam, I look forward to reading Death Match.

And BTW, Alyssa doesn't give praise lightly. :)


Iris Black said...

Just downloaded the story a few days ago. I'm looking forward to reading Death Match this weekend!