Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Review of the Knight Before!

The Knight BeforeJ.R. Turner

From Quake:
“This night should be special--for family, but instead, Sara Stark is surrounded by danger at every turn. With Tropical Storm Allison bearing down on her home, Sara must face a blonde, blue-eyed snake worming her way into the Knight family. With Drake about to leave for London, she has only one shot at unmasking the deceiver, only one tube of Icy Hot and only one chance to save him--the night before.”

Before I begin, I have to make the comment that I read this book in one sitting. No breaks. No pauses. Just sat down and read the entire book.

Turner weaves this story magnificently from start to finish. Her combination of humor and drama are in perfect balance, making the story both an enjoyable and lovable read. Her comic scenes have the reader literally laughing out loud while her dramatic counterparts have him sitting on the edge of his seat waiting anxiously for the turn of the page to discover what Sara is up to.

This story was definitely one of the best reads that I have had in quite some time!

Alyssa Montgomery


J.R. Turner said...

Wow!! Thank you soo much!!! I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed reading about Sara Stark :) She's been one of my most memorable and favorite characters to write.

Thank you tons!!!!!


Mary Cunningham said...

Great review, Alyssa and Jenny. Should make everyone want to read about Sara Stark.

Kudos to The Knight Before!

Samuel Morton said...

Excellent review, Alyssa. Great job, and thanks to you, I have to spend money on Jenny's book!

Pam Ripling said...

Jenny, you are on a roll! And so deserving.

Alyssa, great review! It must be fun to be the reviewer instead of the reviewee this time!

I have DFF on my "virtual" nightstand and can't wait til it comes to the top of the "pile" (you know I'm an ebook reader!)