Tuesday, March 10, 2009

E-Book Week!

Hey everyone! Thought since it was E-Book week that this would be a great time to blog all about these electronic books!

One great aspect concerning these books is the convenience that they provide. They are easy to purchase, and then even easier to read once they are downloaded on your computer! Not to mention that besides the convenience of purchasing an E-Book, they are also priced much cheaper than regular print books. And I would say that is a plus in the pro column in favor of E-Books.

And then there's the variety of great stories - stories in every genre - available in E-Book format. I, myself, have found some of my favorite books to be available only as an E-Book. So that, alone, makes me happy that I read E-Books because then I wouldn't have been able to discover those magnificent books!

And I want to take a moment, while I'm on the subject of E-Books, to say that a new fellow Quake author - Iris Black - has a debut short story E-Book coming out soon from Quake
entitled Just One of the Guys. You can check out her blog at http://irisblack-author.blogspot.com/.

Thanks for stopping by!

Alyssa Montgomery
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Regan Black said...

Great post and I agree completely with your point about finding new favorite authors and books in the e-format.


ghostwriter said...

Nicely said. I think a lot of folks out there, myself included, don't know enough about E-books yet, so the more info the better!

Iris Black said...

Thanks so much! And what Alyssa forgot to mention is that SHE has a few e-books out for you to enjoy while you are waiting on mine. (Sorry about the caps, still don't have the hang of that fancy HTML stuff...)

LOL, Iris

Pam Ripling said...

Great info, Alyssa! And thanks for the intro to Iris... welcome Iris! Looking forward to reading you!