Monday, May 25, 2009

Melanie's Monday - Graduation Continuation

I'm Melanie, and I'm back for another installment of my weekly blog, Melanie's Monday!

Okay, so I definitely have to say that the graduation festivities for Cal are beginning to heat up! His parents are planning a surprise graduation party for him the night after his graduation for all of his closest friends and family, and I've had so much fun helping them! It's not very often that anyone can plan something without Cal finding out - he's pretty perceptive about that. So I can only imagine his face when he realizes that we'd planned him a suprise party that a bunch of people knew about! I just know that he's going to love it!

Besides this rockin' graduation party (which Cal doesn't even know about so I guess I can't count it as one of his graduation festivities right now), we also just got out yearbooks! This year's book is definitely the best one yet! I've gotten tons of signatures, and I've also made sure that Cal has been having his yearbook signed as well! His freshman, sophomore, and junior year he didn't have his yearbook signed and since it's his senior year, I had to make sure that he got plenty of signatures to look back on in five, ten, twenty, thirty years!

Putting aside the graduation festivities, you can really feel the end of the school year coming up at school! All my teachers have become really laid back, and we barely have any homework anymore - just to study for the finals. And all the seniors just can't wait for graduation (Cal included!).

So next week I'll tell you more about what we plan to do for Cal's graduation party since we don't have all the planning done yet! Until then!

Melanie Ryder is a character that can be found in Alyssa Montgomery's short stories, Where Are You? and 9:53 P.M. (from the Heat of the Moment Anthology).

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Pam Ripling said...

I can't believe you can pull off a surprise party for Cal. This will be phenomenal if he doesn't find out!

I remember what it was like those last couple of weeks of my senior year. It was so fine. And I also remember the panic starting to set in: now that it was finally really fun, it was over! I wouldn't see my friends anymore, so many of them would roll away like marbles. Too sad.

Let us know how the party turns out!