Monday, May 11, 2009

Melanie's Monday - Prom! (Part 1)

Melanie here. And I would have to say that I am especially excited to write my blog this Monday because I had Prom this weekend! I would definitely have to say that it was...




So Cal picked me up in a limo. A limo! Talk about surprised! And then he goes and continues to surprise me with the most beautiful corsage that I have ever seen! It was made of three dark red roses that went perfectly with my dress! (And for those of you who don't remember, my dress is a midnight blue strapless gown.) And needless to say that my mom snapped picture after picture of Cal putting the corsage on my wrist.

And then she snapped about a million more of me putting on Cal's boutonniere.

So after that, my mom took some more pictures - these of Cal and me standing in our backyard. She would have kept taking pictures, but she luckily had filled up her memory chip, giving Cal and me the chance to escape before she had the chance to upload all the pictures and continue with an empty memory card.

We got into the limo and picked up a few of our friends and their dates before stopping at Kassie's house to take some group pictures. And her house was perfect for pictures! She has one of the biggest backyards that I have ever seen with so many trees that you feel like you're in the woods or something. So needless to say the group pictures turned out absolutely beautiful. (And Cal and I took a few more pictures of us together - you know, to add to the millions that my mom had already taken.)

So after we all packed ourselves back into the limo, the driver took us to one of our local hotels where our Prom was being held. It was absolutely amazing! Our prom was being held in one of the giant ballrooms, and the entire room was decked out with flowers - flowers of all kinds - with the room divided between tables and an area for dancing. And since the tables sat ten, our entire group was able to sit together. And it was quite a sight to see - there was dress everywhere as we all tried to sit at the table! Mix that with food, and it's a miracle that no one ended up dancing with a new dress or tux that was decorated with food. (I guess I was smart, then, to wear a dark dress, right? So even if I did spill something, it wouldn't be that noticeable. Well, unless it was a light food... )


I seem to be running out of time right now, so I will continue entertaining everyone with my Prom tomorrow! That's right! There will be a special Melanie's Monday tomorrow, on Tuesday, so everyone can finish hearing all the great details about Prom!

Melanie Ryder is a character that can be found in Alyssa Montgomery's short stories, Where Are You? and 9:53 P.M. (from the Heat of the Moment Anthology).

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Pam Ripling said...

Wow, sounds like the beginnings of an incredible night! Can't wait to hear the rest...