Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hot Spots by Regan Black

Hot Spots by Regan Black

From Echelon Press:

The gardens of Hobbitville are full of secrets, and the Pixie Chicks will do anything to keep it that way, including some innovative matchmaking. But even the efforts to keep Sierra clear of the garden can't hold off fate.

While trying to divert her best friend's pesky neighbor from breaching the gates of their haven, Claire is having trouble keeping her personal secrets. What can possibly be important enough not to tell the other Pixie Chicks?

And does the surprise visitor at Brianna's house have anything to do with it?

Contrary to The Pixie Chicks’ focus on Brie’s exploration of Hobbitville, Hot Spots is more tuned to Claire’s own experiences of jumping. Sierra, meanwhile, also becomes less of a pain as the Pixie Chicks have found an effective means of drawing her attention elsewhere.

I must say that Hot Spots is a great continuation of the Hobbitville Saga. As this is the second introduction to the characters, they begin to have a more developed feel as Black delves deeper into their personalities and motivations. The reader has the opportunity to understand Sierra’s feelings toward The Pixie Chicks as well as catch a glimpse into her own emotions for a certain member of the opposite sex. Claire's own motivations for jumping are revealed in a delightful manner, and I know that I definitely wished for Claire's happiness in the situation.

Furthermore, for lack of a better term, there are no dead words or scenes in the story. Black sticks to a tight format, only adding scenes necessary for the overall plot without leaving it boring and dull. This format creates a fast pace for Hot Spots that is both enjoyable and entertaining to read.

Hot Spots should be on the list of all young adults looking for a quick and fun read.

Check in tomorrow for a review on Regan Black's newest release - Shadow Stone! The third installment in the Hobbitville Saga.

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Pam Ripling said...

This sounds like a great series. You've told us just enough to get some interest going. Can't wait to read tomorrow's installment!

Pam Ripling