Friday, October 30, 2009

The Pixie Chick's Lana has invaded my blog!

"Lana Richmond will not be the left behind when all her friends are using the magic of Hobbitville to escape their small Midwestern town for more exciting places. She's been trying–and failing–to use the garden's portals. The bruises haven't quite faded when Lana takes matters into her own hands and meets a stranger who promises to help her…on Halloween. Will Lana have the courage to follow her wanderlust, or will she settle for being the only Pixie Chick who can't work the Hobbitville magic? "

Hey Everyone! Lana Richmond of Pixie Chick fame here. Once more I've beaten Regan to the blog! Cut her some slack, she can't possibly be as internet savvy as us teens! (besides, I know all the shortcuts) Alyssa's been awesome, posting stuff about Pixies and Regan all week - let's give her a big round of applause!

Tomorrow is Halloween! I love this time of year! And our school has a masquerade dance too which makes it all the more fun. Sort of a spooky-cool way to mingle. I've found people get really bold when they're hiding behind a mask. It's easy to be brave and strike up a conversation when the risk of a brush off or outright rejection is minimized.

The best part of this year's masquerade is that I can use it for cover to get into Hobbitville alone. My friends, the Pixie Chicks, are great, but we're sort of at an impasse and they're not all that supportive of my intentions. I want to use the magic of Hobbitville and actually see some part of the world beyond my hometown! And I met someone who can help me. The Pixies think I'm just leaping without looking, but what they don't know won't hurt them - and most likely it won't hurt me either. I'm adventurous, but not totally stupid.

Wish me luck!
Lana Richmond,
band geek, Pixie Chick, and Hobbitville magic seeker

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Has Lana and the summary intrigued you? Here's an excerpt from Shadow Stone:

Lana is alone on the day before Halloween, on a mission to test every statue in Hobbitville.
She moved on before she made herself crazy with circular arguments. "The lost thing's always in the last
place you look because you stop looking once you've found it."

"It is pretty silly to keep looking once something's found," a deep voice rumbled out of the darkness.

Everything inside her jumped. The vertical leap would impress the NBA, if her body had actually followed
through. Instead, her heart was lodged in her throat, and she was having trouble forming any verbal reply.

"Over this way," the deep voice rolled over her again.

With that voice, he was surely no one she knew, except she should know everyone local who might be in
Hobbitville. Anticipation thrummed that this might be one of those ideal guys she'd been hoping for earlier. She turned slowly, letting her ears guide her closer to him, into the deep shadows thrown by a narrow arbor covered in fading moonflowers.

"I don't recognize you," she said, keeping her voice soft. It was really all the volume she could muster.

"You will."

"Is that supposed to sound ominous?" Something about him rattled her way down deep. She wasn't sure if she liked that yet.

He laughed, just as deep and warm as his voice, and she swore she felt the sound against her skin. Weird. Not scary. Not much anyway. She peered at him, wishing for more light.

He had to be someone from school messing with her. But no one at school had a voice like dark chocolate drizzled over a warm brownie. The sound of it made her feel gooey.

And now she was hungry, too.


Regan Black said...

Hey, Alyssa! Thanks for hosting Lana today. I've given up trying to get to a blog first! LOL


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