Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Shadow Stone by Regan Black

Shadow Stone by Regan Black

From Echelon Press:

"Lana Richmond will not be the left behind when all her friends are using the magic of Hobbitville to escape their small Midwestern town for more exciting places. She's been trying–and failing–to use the garden's portals. The bruises haven't quite faded when Lana takes matters into her own hands and meets a stranger who promises to help her…on Halloween. Will Lana have the courage to follow her wanderlust, or will she settle for being the only Pixie Chick who can't work the Hobbitville magic?"

A Halloween-themed Hobbitville treat, we now are granted access to Lana’s story. Not only are we enabled to see who she is now (as well as her determination to be able to jump), but we also learn a little bit about her past before the Pixie Chicks. What’s most important, though, is the discovery that all of the jumping through Hobbitville doesn’t always lead a person to ideal places…

A bit different from the previous two Hobbitville stories, Shadow Stone has a more mysterious edge to it with a hint of creepiness that makes the story an absolute joy to read!

The plot itself was creative and slightly different from Hot Spots and Pixie Chicks. Its branch into the mysterious was beneficial not only to the plot, but to the characters as well. It served a great purpose to further advance Lana’s character and allow us to fully understand her adventurous, yet lacking of patience, personality.

Furthermore, the new information we receive regarding jumping, and the different locations one can jump to, is interesting to say the least. Black has taken an idea and has slowly created a phenomenal world – a magical world with both its good and its bad – out of it. Kudos to Black!

Now that I’ve read stories on Brie, Clarie, and Lana, I am anxiously waiting for (or should I say hoping for) another story focusing on the fourth Pixie Chick, Austin.

Check back in tomorrow when I will be interviewing the one and only Regan Black!

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