Sunday, October 18, 2009

I am Pleased to Announce....

That Michael Springer is now available from Echelon Press Shorts!

Finals. Even with an amazing boyfriend who is calm when finals are upon them, Sarah finds herself avidly studying for the dreaded tests whenever she finds an empty spot in her schedule. The last thing she needs, on top of the never-ending stress of acing each exam, is to begin to feel sick when finals have arrived.
While she’s in the library one morning before classes start, she meets Michael Springer–a nice guy who seems to be the only one crazy enough, beside herself, to arrive early enough to school early to catch a few moments of studying. She continues to run into him, and he becomes adamant that she return home and rest; staying will only cause her illness to worsen.

Michael might be a great new friend, but finals are the most important time of the semester after all. Rest will come over winter break.

And why is it that even though she’s been at the school at year, this is the first time she’s ever seen Michael Springer?

So why don't you all head on over to Echelon Press and Buy Michael Springer now!

And make sure to visit Echelon Shorts' Blog tomorrow to read my guest blog on the site!

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