Thursday, October 29, 2009

Interview with Regan Black!

Today I have interview the one and only, Regan Black! You've been hearing about her stories - Pixie Chicks, Hot Spots, and Shadow Stone - all week, and now have fun and listen to what Regan has to say!

Also, make sure to check back in tomorrow when Regan will actually be guest blogging!

1. What inspired you to jump into writing?

I'm not sure. Probably reading. I have journals of poetry that go back to elementary school. Of course I jumped into novels when my husband came to work at home for the second time in two years. I'd been working on a poetry book then, and it never occurred to me that I could write a 'big' book, but having him underfoot drove me nearly crazy. I started ficitonalizing how we met so I could remember why I'd fallen in love with him. It's the worst romance novel ever written, but it saved my sanity (and probably his life) The best part was realizing I could write a 'big' book.

2.How long have you been writing?

When I look back, I can see that expressing myself through poetry, short stories and journals has always just been a part of my life.

3.What is your proudest achievement in writing to date?
The latest release. Always. Whether it's a short story or full length novel, I'm proudest when I earn another contract and release date. I was so excited when my first book, Justice Incarnate, sold and I'll never get over the amazing, overwhelming feeling when I held that first paperback in my hands. I guess it was an addictive sensation, because that's what I'm consistently working toward.

4.How did you come up for the idea for the Hobbitville Saga?
Honestly, it's a page out of my past. Shh- don't tell anyone back in my hometown. Aside from the statuary being portals to parts unknown, Hobbitville was the nickname for the private garden where kids from my high school would dare each other to trespass. As an adult, I can tell you it was actually a beautiful example of a sculpture garden, but back then it was a little creepy after dark. My imagination often ran away with me even then. We thought we were living on such a razor's edge - how silly and sheltered it must seem to teens today. None of us ever vandalized the place or did damage, but the woman who owned it had to know we'd been through, teenagers just aren't that quiet even when they think they are.

5.Do you have any other Hobbitville stories in the works?
Yes. I'm working with Echelon Shorts for a special New Year's story. And I'm planning a bigger book detailing Claire and Shane's adventures mapping the Hobbitville gardens around the world.

6.What would be any advice you’d give to aspiring writers?
WRITE! Generally the more you write, the better you get. Study the how-to guides, join a writer's group, read and re-read your favorite novels, and keep writing. Short stories, epic novels, and poetry: write from the beginning to 'the end' and you'll learn so much about yourself every time. And one last thing - Believe! Only you can tell the story in your heart the way it was meant to be told.

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